Rutherford Scattering


Exercise 1.

  1. Clear all tracks and hits if you have any.
  2. Enter a value of 10MeV for the energy.
  3. Press the fire button without moving the particle.
  4. Draw a line on the diagram opposite to show how the particle moved.
  5. Press the next button to try again, leave the track and hits as they are.
  6. Drag the particle up about 2 pixels and fire again (the particle is about 2 pixels in size).
  7. Draw your line on the same diagram above.
  8. Move the particle another 2 pixels up and repeat.
  9. Now move the particle in steps of about 10 pixels until you reach the top of the entrance to the detector.
  10. Repeat steps 6 to 9 but drag the particle down