Rutherford Scattering


Analysing the experiment.

The results show the pattern you would expect for a beam of alphas.
Our beam was not uniform since we placed more particles near the centre.

1. Draw a circle around the areas where most of the particles are scattered, label this circle A.
2. Draw a circle around the start positions of the particles which are scattered most, label this circle B.
3. Complete the following:

The particles that are scattered most are those starting about the ________ distance from the centre line as the ___________ of the target nucleus. This shows that the _________ of the nucleus is very ________.

4. The Thomson model of the atom was with the positive charges and mass spread out with negative electrons like plums in the pudding. This model means that since the mass was spread out the alpha particle would only be deflected a small amount. Does the experiment agree with this model? Explain why.
5. Rutherford suggested a model with all the positive charge and mass at a small centre does the experiment agree with this? Explain why?